Work Readiness Programs

To support individuals with securing and maintaining meaningful employment.

Certificate training is included in this training. First Aid, Serving It Right, WHMIS, Foodsafe or other certificates depending on goals and career direction of individuals.


(Women Obtaining Lifelong Foundations) 

Supporting women to be self aware, self sufficient and to develop goals and supports to assist them in moving forward.

Men’s Empowerment 

Supporting men to move forward with their lives and develop healthy support networks.  Learn more about family dynamics, emotional support and community building.

Communication & Empowerment

Training in what is communication and how we can improve our strategies and understanding to be more effective with our teams, families and communities.  


Building Personal & Community Resiliency

Learning to understand how to move through trauma, grief, survival mode by building your personal resiliency skills and develop healthy support systems.  


Building Cultural Strengths

Reconnecting with our cultural roots and identity. To provide more self confidence, pride, respect and a stronger sense of self and community.